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  • BLE Module

    Show case
    Ultra low power BLE module with on board antena-smartcores

    BM501L is designed from a Atmosic ATM2202 Bluetooth??5 standard-compliant SoC. it features a?Lowest Power Radio?basebandto provide 10 to 100 times lower power. The module built in 1MB flash and 128KB RAM. It is suitable for a broad array of applications such as wearables, personal and asset trackers, beacons, remotes, locationing devices, keyboards and mice.

    Below table is the module specification.

    Frequency2.4GHz ~ 2.48GHz ISM band
    ProtocolBLE V5.0
    ModulationGFSK@125Kbps, 500Kbps, 1Mbps, 2Mbps
    TX Power-20dbm ~+4dbm
    RX Sensitivity-95dbm
    Antennaon board
    ControlTTL UART(up to 1Mbps)
    Working temperature-40 ~ 85℃
    Active Rx1mA
    Active Tx @ 0dbm2.5mA
    Retention @32KB RAM2uA
    Deep sleep0.8uA
    Soc Off0.3uA
    Broadcast in 1 seconds period@0dbmaverage<8uA